Danish SMEs looking to apply to European research and innovation programmes can receive financial aid to prepare their grant application, including expenses in external assistance. With the EUopSTART programme, you can receive funding for external assistance to your application to programmes such as ERC, SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, and Eurostars.


The EUopSTART is an initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science from Denmark with the goal of increasing the participation of Danish research institutions and enterprises in European research and innovation programmes.

What do you receive?

You receive up to 50% of your costs paid by this grant. Costs that are eligible for funding are: payroll costs, travel costs and external assistance. External assistance is allowed to be maximum 70% of the total project budget.

Depending on the grant type you are applying for and the role in this application (coordinator or partner) you can request budgets up to DKK 50,000/€7,000 or DKK 75,000/€10,000. The project duration must be at least one month.

Who can apply?

Research-intensive SMEs seeking to apply to the Eurostars programme, which:

  • Have been in existence for at least 12 months at the time of application;
  • Are able to document that they have the scientific and financial resources to complete their share of the Eurostars project;
  • Have not been declared bankrupt or be in suspension of payments;
  • Have generated turnover of at least ~€140,000 or have attracted external capital equivalent of at least ~€70,000 or have had at least two fulltime employees within the last financial year;
  • Have no debts to any public authority (including any debts to a public authority for which the payment-due date has been exceeded).
  • Have received no more than €200,000 of state aid in the 3 years before the time of application.
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