Eurostars supports R&D-performing SMEs with innovative and international projects. Eurostars is open for any technologic innovation.

  • Subsidy: Country-specific, for NL €500,000
  • Funding rate: Country-specific, for NL max. 50%
  • Deadlines: Februari 13, 2020
  • Project duration: 3 years

About Eureka Eurostars

Who can apply?

First of all, the consortium must include at least two partners independent from each other and established in at least two different Eurostars countries. The leader of this consortium should be an R&D performing SME, and the typical consortium consists of 3 partners.

What is this funding for?

This funding is there to achieve to proof of concept. Within two years after project, the product should be on the market, or clinical trials should start. Project is evaluated on innovation, cooperation and economic perspective. Activities for life sciences often include all pre-clinical development steps until a small first-in-man study (compound screening, efficacy / tox studies, pharmacokinetic, etc)

Typical life sciences projects

Eureka Eurostars projects in life sciences are projects which usually develop:

  • Drug screening to lead clinical candidate
  • Biomarker(s) into In Vitro Diagnostic test
  • Technology to medical device


Evaluation: 3 months. Project starts 6 months after deadline.

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