Eurostars #1: Praxa Sense’s AMBULAS project

Catalyze is proud to announce the success of our partner Praxa Sense in the most recent Eurostars round, where they ra­nked number 1 out of all 428 applications in Europe. The AMBULAS project will develop their VitaLas medical device, the most accurate remote monitoring solution for continuous passive measurements of among others ECG, blood oxygen saturation, temperature and movement. We are proud of our team for their collaboration together with Praxa Sense in the development of this top-of-class Eurostars proposal. We heard from Liselotte Stolk, Co-founder and COO, about their successful application and collaboration with Catalyze.

Answering a need for accurate remote monitoring of HF patients

Faced by a major market need for comfortable at-home monitoring of heart failure (HF) patients – 7,6-10 million HF patients are at risk of frequent hospitalizations in the EU alone – Praxa Sense’s VitaLas device offers a powerful and cost-efficient solution. For patients, the initial 28 days after commencement of treatment are critical, but regular in-clinic monitoring is not possible. Usually, patients will have 1-4 check-ups in the clinic each year, which is not frequent enough to effectively diagnose signs of worsening HF.

VitaLas reduces the burden on both patient and healthcare system

Herein, Praxa Sense’s highly innovative device offers great potential to improve patient outcomes through frequent, passive remote patient monitoring of vital signs. VitaLas will use a revolutionary Sensor that overcomes problems of inaccuracy due to motion sensitivity, one of the biggest obstacles in reliable remote monitoring. Thus, the device can provide relief to an overburdened healthcare system, while delivering regular and accurate readings that require minimal involvement from the patient.

During the AMBULAS project, the device will undergo pilot study clinical validation for monitoring of 12 vital signs.

Praxa Sense: Eurostars success and collaboration with Catalyze

Liselotte explains the significance of being awarded Eurostars funding and receiving recognition as the highest ranked project:

“The expert reviews and the independent commission reviews confirm our belief that this new technology is the breakthrough that is needed in wearable monitoring. The grant will help us move quicker in development of the technology and getting first position is further accelerating the process of getting it to market.”

Finishing, Liselotte highlights the value of the collaboration with Catalyze in the development of the winning proposal:

“Catalyze is a strong partner in bringing grants to a successful win. We have never experienced a more guided and structured team as this before. That really helped to bring the application to the next level.”

AMBULAS: Partners bring extensive, complimentary expertise

Joining Praxa Sense in the project are advICo Microelectronics (DE) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (DE). AdvICo Microelectronics has a 21-year history with extensive expertise in R&D of advanced application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for analog, RF, broadband and sensor topics, including design of product prototypes of several medical sensors.

Fraunhofer IMS has been developing medical implants and non-invasive medical solutions for more than 20 years, and bring extensive laser and photodetector expertise to the project.


If interested in the technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to Praxa Sense


About Eurostars

The Eurostars programme supports R&D performing small- and medium-sized enterprises in international collaborative ventures. Eurostars is a highly competitive programme. Aside from having an excellent project idea to begin with, shaping your project proposal, framing it in the correct light, and finding complimentary expertise are all essential to a successful application.

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