Four Catalyze partners secure EIC Accelerator funding

Applying for a European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator grant is all about high-risk, high reward. Only small and medium-sized enterprises with the most radically innovative products, services and business models, stand a chance. Successful applicants receive up to €17,5M  funding (max €2,5M grant, €15M equity), access to business coaching and mentoring, and acceleration services to connect them to the exclusive community of EIC Accelerator winners.

We are pleased to announce that in the first of three 2022 funding rounds, four Catalyze clients, including Aplagon (FI), and Perha Pharmaceuticals (FR), were selected by the European Commission. We are extremely proud of our consultants’ hardwork and collaboration together with our clients.

Aplagon Oy is a Finland based pharmaceutical development company, founded in 2009, developing APAC, the first vascular injury targeting product for the local treatment of blood vessel occlusions. In their EIC project Aplagon will enter clinical studies for the first application of their novel therapeutic.

Perha Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2019 and is based in Roscoff, France. From sea to pharmacy, Perha develops therapeutics derived from natural marine compounds. In their EIC project they will develop a therapeutic specifically aimed at improving learning abilities, quality of life and autonomy of people with Down Syndrome.

Learn more about Aplagon Oy and Perha Pharmaceuticals


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