Cancer Grand Challenges

Cancer Grand Challenges is a global funding platform founded by the Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Institute in the US. The aim is to bring together the most talented multidisciplinary research teams that will tackle one of the 9 Challenges and find bold new solutions based on cutting-edge research and scientific creativity.

Select your Challenge, build your team, and unleash your creativity!

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Scope of Cancer Grand Challenges

The Cancer Grand Challenges is composed of 9 Challenges, which have been identified as major research hurdles, and that can only be undertaken by multidisciplinary teams and global alliances, that have the potential to transform how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Collaboration, innovation and creativity are at the heart of Cancer Grand Challenges. The Challenges’ focus areas are:

  • Cachexia & performance status
  • Dormancy
  • Extrachromosal DNA
  • E-cigarettes
  • Inflammation
  • Macromolecules
  • Normal Phenotypes
  • Senescence
  • Solid tumours in children

Who Can apply for this competition?

The Cancer Grand Challenges aims to fund the most talented researchers from across the globe. The team should be composed of a Principle Investigator based in a research institute, and multiple Co-Investigators, from all over the world (no more than 70% of the activities can be performed in a single country). Patient advocates and a full-time manager will also have to be included in the team.

It is highly recommended to select members of diverse backgrounds and experiences, from academia or from a commercial setting and include Co-Investigators that are at an early stage of establishing their independent careers.

What is Cancer Grand Challenges looking for?

  • Think out of the box, be bold, be innovative.
  • Create the best team, with the best idea to address the challenges.
  • Include non-traditional disciplines, and people affected by cancer to your team.
  • The focus of your research should go towards preventing, diagnosing or treating cancer.

How to apply?

Complete the pre-questionnaire by 1 April 2021 and submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) by 22 April 2021.

Based on your EOI, the committee will select the shortlisted teams, and each team will receive £30,000 seed-funding to work on their full application, which will have to be submitted by 21 October 2021 and will be followed by an interview with the Scientific Committee.

In early 2022, the winning teams will be awarded the grant to fund research costs, salaries, equipment or licensing costs.


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