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All Dutch Grants and funding opportunities in the Netherlands. Your guide to the most important research and development grants in the Holland. At the moment there are various Dutch grants & funding opportunities, such as the RVO grants, MIT, NWO or regional calls such as OpZuid en Op Oost.

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Innovatiekrediet (IK)

Subsidy: Max €10,000,000 in total

Scope: As one of the most well-known Dutch grants, the Innovation Credit is a risk bearing loan to fund high risk, technological innovation projects. Although funding is meant for a technological risky project, typically used for more for more later stage development projects. At the end of the project the product should be on the market or otherwise bringing revenues to the company (licensing deal, new investor round, co-development).

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Vroegefasefinanciering (VFF)

Subsidy: €50,000 – 350,000

Scope: With a loan from the VFF, starters and SMEs investigate whether their idea has a chance of success in the market (idea on paper – concept phase). Development of the first prototype is covered by the aim of investigating technical feasibility. Selling proto types or products that have already been granted IP, are not eligible, as that development is too mature for this loan.

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Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren (MIT)

RVO MIT Haalbaarheidsstudie

Subsidy: €20,000

Scope: A feasibility project maps the technical and economic risks of a proposed innovation project. A feasibility study consists of a feasibility study, possibly supplemented by industrial research or experimental development. In a feasibility study you should think of literature research, patent research, inventory of available technology and potential partners, market research and competition analysis.

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RVO MIT R&D samenwerkingsprojecten

Subsidy: €200,000 – 350,000 (big projects); €50,000 – 200,000 (small projects)

Scope: The project consists of industrial research and/or experimental development. Requests are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Technological renewal or substantial new uses of an existing product, product, process, or service;
  • Economic value creation for participants in the MIT-R&D cooperation, in the relevant top sectors, or the Dutch economy;
  • The quality of R&D cooperation, reflecting at least the level of complementarity of the participants, the capacities of the participants and the quality of the project organization;
  • Combinations of sectors that are not conventional.RVO DTIF (Dutch Trade and Investment Fund)

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NWO Open Technology Programme (OTP)

Subsidy: €850,000 (up to €1,000,000 if an investment of €150,000 is included)

Scope: NWO TTW aims to bring scientific research together with potential users, as to realize knowledge transfer. Criteria are excellent scientific quality and utilization and the call is characterized by an absence of disciplinary boundaries. To assure utilization, a user committee must be installed, consisting of at least four users, of which at least two companies.

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Take Off Fase 1: Haalbaarheidsstudie

Subsidy: €20,000 – 40,000

Scope: Take-off is a science-based financing instrument from ZonMw and NWO (Secretariat: Applied and Technical Sciences). Take-off is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Take-off focuses on facilitating and stimulating business and entrepreneurship from Dutch universities and NWO-recognized research institutes. It is about creating innovative new business that follows knowledge development and utilization by researchers at these knowledge institutions. It may be product, process, care or service innovation in the broadest sense of the word, within all fields of science (beta / technique, life sciences and alpha / gamma).

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Take Off Fase 2: Vroegefasetrajecten

Subsidy: (Loan) €50,000 – 250,000

Scope: In the early stage project, it is about launching the start-up based on knowledge innovations from research institutions. An early phase project consists of the steps and activities to make the idea/concept commercially viable, to launch the process or service successfully on the market, to grow the company and that money will be earned. This happens by:

  1. Explain and execute an early phase plan in detail;
  2. Find contact with the stakeholders and future customers who enter the company enable independent growth and success;
  3. When applicable: by developing the concept, product or service so that at the end of the process of others – private or public investors – prepared must be the next stage to finance.

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Regional Dutch grants

OPZuid 4F low-carbon economy: promoting sustainable energy

Subsidy: up to €1,500,000

Scope: Projects that focus on the smart roll-out of renewal of the energy system and that contribute to sustainable energy production, efficiency and saving in the built environment through the application of new techniques, instruments and processes. The projects serve as a trailblazer and driver for a large-scale application at a later stage.

Possible actions of this investment priority include:

  • Living lab for demonstrating technological and/or process innovations;
  • Pilot projects for testing and demonstrating new concepts for decentralized energy generation and smart distribution of sustainable energy; can receive large-scale follow-up within the housing construction;
  • Making a recreation park more sustainable through the use of innovative energy concepts.

Read more about this call or Visit the Stimulus website (Dutch)


OPOOST Large R&D Projects

Subsidy: €350,000 – 2,000,000

Scope: One of the smaller Dutch Grants, awarded for activities aimed at innovation. The activities must consist of experimental development or industrial research in combination with experimental development (indicated TRL is: 4-8).

Applications can be submitted under two topics:

  • General Innovation (Health, HTSM and Agro-Food)
  • Innovations on low-Carbon

Read more about this call or Visit the website (Dutch)


Kansen voor West

Subsidy: min. €200,000

Scope: Tenders are released during the year, depending on budget availability and political decisions regarding scope and budget. Tenders are released regarding multiple priorities:

  1. Innovation for SMEs
  2. Low Carbon Economy
  3. Promotion of employment system
  4. Promotion of social inclusion

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Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland (SNN)

Innoveren Via Softwareontwikkeling (2020)

Subsidy: max. €50,000

Scope: With this subsidy it is possible to develop a new software product or service up to the stage where it can be tested by end users.The project focuses on innovation and renewal in the field of software development. The innovation contributes to a social interest.

Read more about this call or Visit the SNN website


Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland – Valorisatie

Subsidy: TBD (project dependent)

Scope: The grant helps companies, but also knowledge institutions, to develop more promising innovative products and services which can enter the market.

The innovative products, concepts, technologies and services should be at the developmental stage. The idea behind is to have a clear and good planning regarding the idea in terms of further  development and testing.

Read more about this call or Visit the SNN website


Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland – Proeftuinen

Subsidy: TBD (project dependent)

Scope: Entrepreneurs can test innovative new products in a testing ground. With the new or improved testing grounds, innovative SMEs in Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen save time and money and new products are brought onto the market more easily and quickly.

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