Dutch Grant

EFRO Oost (Previously OP Oost)

This EFRO program is focused on the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and on TRL4-8. The total program budget is €126M. Of this budget, 10% will be allocated to (new and existing) funding instruments such as Oost-NL and 30% is aimed at projects related to the Green Deal.

EFRO Oost summary

EFRO Oost is structured in 2 Priorities: 1) Smarter and 2) Greener East Netherlands,

Each Priority has 2 Action lines:

  • Market focused innovations through collaboration between SMEs and with large companies/knowledge institutions
  • Demonstration projects

Most important take-aways are:

  • Collaborations in consortia only.
  • Partners from outside the region are welcome but can’t be the coordinator.
  • Co-funding in-kind/cash.
  • Projects have to be cross-overs of: health, tech, materials, clean energy, and food.
  • Templates have yet to be published, expected in June/July.

First call:

Subsidy: €350,000-€750,000

Total Budget: ~€15M divided over:

€10M for Priority 1: A Smarter East Netherlands

€5M for Priority 2: A Greener East Netherlands

Deadline: The call opens on 15 September 2022 and follows a first-come, first-serve approach.

Funding rate: max. 40%, SMEs max 50%

Project duration: not specified

Consortium: Consortium is required and must consist of 3 or more independent parties of which minimum 1 SME.

Scope: The first call is focused on Action line 1 for both Priorities.

  • Priority 1: A Smarter East Netherlands – Strengthening research and development capacity and introducing advanced technologies.

Projects should be cross-overs on the themes:

  • Prevention & MedTech (Health, Food and Tech);
  • Sustainability & Foodtech (Tech, Food and Materials);
  • Manufacturing & MaterialTech  (Cleantech, Materials and Tech);
  • Priority 2: A Greener East Netherlands:
    • Promoting renewable energy sources;
    • Developing smart energy systems and networks (including storage at the local level).

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