World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)

The World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) is a not-for-profit organization that guides, takes a lead and brings together a network of cancer prevention charities on a global scale. These charities are the American Institute for Cancer Research in the US, World Cancer Research Fund UK, Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fonds in the Netherlands and World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong.

The Fund was set up in 1982 with one overriding goal: unifying the world cancer research network becoming an essential pathfinder in research and health information on relation between food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer.

Aims of the World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF):

  • Spread awareness about the connection between diet and cancer
  • Support any kind of research which raise a subject of diet and cancer prevention
  • Collect and collate all relevant research on the dependence of diet, weight, physical activity and cancer. And based on these findings, prepare reliable and credible recommendations on cancer prevention for use by governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as health professionals and individuals worldwide.

Currently closed, new deadlines to be announced soon.

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Research areas of interest 2020:

  1. Determining the mechanisms which may be stimulated and affected by diet, nutrition and physical activity in terms on cancer
  2. Targeting the crucial host factors with a potential impact on an individual’s susceptibility to the development and progression of cancer

Funding mechanism: Research Grant

Subsidy: up to £350,000, up to £100,000/year (Investigator Initiated Grant); up to £60,000 (Seed Grant)

Deadline: 16 November 2020 (outline); 29 March 2021 (Investigator Initiated Grant; full application)

Project duration: up to 4 years (Investigator Initiated Grant); up to 2 years (Seed Grant)

Consortium: Grant applications are open to a Principal Investigator based at a research institution from any country outside the Americas. The Regular Grant Programme accepts applications from universities, medical schools, hospitals, research institutes and other academic centres. Collaborations are encouraged. Research for commercial organisations in not eligible.

Scope: Investigator Initiated Grants (IIGs) are for researchers working on our research areas and themes. The aim of this grant funding scheme is to support innovative and original research into the link of diet, nutrition and physical activity in either Cancer Prevention or Cancer Survivors.

Seed Grants (SGs) are intended as start-up funds for preliminary research to allow the development of innovative ideas, new methodologies and new research tools relevant to the Research Themes (regarding the impact of diet, nutrition, physical activity either in Cancer Prevention or Cancer Survivors). This will allow researchers to collect preliminary data or test study parameters to take them to a stage where an application for an IIG would be appropriate. Seed grants could also study behavioural change in both cancer prevention and cancer survivors areas.

There are two types of Seed Grants:

  • Pilot Grants – generate preliminary data to develop a future, bigger project
  • Feasibility Grants – to test if the proposed process works


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About the World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)

World Cancer Research Fund International is a leading authority on the links between diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. Its vision is to live in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

Since it started in 1982, the World Cancer Research Fund network has been a pioneer in research and health information on the link between food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer.

Visit the WCRF website for more information


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