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OP Oost

Op Oost is a subsidy program for companies and knowledge institutions in the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland. The program is part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The goal is to help companies get more revenue form new products.

Update: 2021-2027 program: No information available for now.

Op Oost program information

Type of funding: Grant

Subsidy: €350,000 – 2,000,000

Total budget: €6,000,000 For Innovation (Health, HTSM & Agro-Food)

Funding rate: 40% for SMEs. Research institutions performing industrial research: 50% (15% overheads on personnel)

Deadline: No open calls

Project duration: 2 years

Consortium: A consortium is required to consist of at least 3 or more independent collaborating agencies, of which at least 1 is an SME.

  • SMEs incur a minimum of 30% of the costs.
  • None of the companies make more than 70% of the costs.
  • At least 25% of the costs are from experimental research.

All applicants are to be located in Gelderland.

Scope: Grants are awarded for activities aimed at innovation. The activities must consist of experimental development or industrial research in combination with experimental development (indicated TRL is: 4-8).

Possible actions of this investment priority include:

  • Living lab for demonstrating technological and/or process innovations;
  • Pilot projects for testing and demonstrating new concepts for decentralized energy generation and smart distribution of sustainable energy; can receive large-scale follow-up within the housing construction;
  • Making a recreation park more sustainable through the use of innovative energy concepts.

Applications can be submitted under two topics:

  • General Innovation (Health, HTSM and Agro-Food)
  • Innovations on low-Carbon

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About Op Oost

OP Oost is short for the Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund in Overijssel and Gelderland The Netherlands.

Visit the website (Dutch) for more information.


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