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The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN): a partnership of the three northern provinces (Drenthe, Fryslan, Groningen) and the four largest cities (Assen, Emmen, Groningen, Leeuwarden) of the Northern Netherlands. They are committed to making the region even more beautiful. The Northern Netherlands wants to be an inspiring example of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. 



  • Small projects: €50,000-€200,000 (max. €125,000 per partner)
  • Large projects: €250,000-€600,000 (max. €400,000 per partner)


  • Small projects: Pre-proposal: 19-22 September 2022 / Full proposal: 25 October – 8 November
  • Large projects: 3-6 October 2022 / Full proposal: 15-29 November

Funding rate: between 25-45%

Consortium: The main applicant should be an SME from Northern Netherlands. Other parties from inside and outside the region, can join, but, the project should benefit the region.

Scope: Funding is available to work on a smarter, greener, more social and more inclusive Europe. SNN is looking for projects that make an impact for the region, both economically and socially. With this tender, parties are challenged to come up with good innovative ideas and solutions.

The aim of the SNN tender valorisation scheme is to:

  • Exploit the opportunities of the four transitions to achieve innovation,
  • Contribute to unique regional economic strengths
  • Make use of available knowledge and skills (knowledge valorisation) of other companies, innovation hubs and/or knowledge institutions (preferably in collaboration)
  • Solve a problem (where possible together with a regional problem owner)
  • Contribute to the further structural development and innovation strategy of your company.

The four transitions are:

  • From a linear to a circular economy,
  • From fossil to renewable energy,
  • From care to sustainable health,
  • From analogue to digital,

SNN: priorities and Objectives

Priority 1: A smarter and more innovative Northern Netherlands.

Specific objectives:

  • Developing and strengthening research and innovation capacity and introducing advanced technologies:
    • Exploiting opportunities: investing in facilities and activities aimed at knowledge development, research and developing, testing and implementing new technology,
    • Improving the innovation ecosystem: improving network connections and the dynamics between innovations, strengthening the Continuous Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (C-EDP),
    • Strengthening preconditions: innovative entrepreneurship, cross-border cooperation, digitization.
  • Developing skills for smart specialization, industrial transition and entrepreneurship: Strengthening preconditions:
    • Better cooperation between companies and knowledge institutions, attention for human capital development in SMEs.


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About SNN – The Northern Netherlands Alliance

The Northern Netherlands Alliance fulfills several functions. They are an administrative organization through which the three provinces and the four large cities in the region coordinate their spatial planning and economic strategy. They are a Management Authority (MA) for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

SNN is a united voice from the Northern Netherlands, representing the region in The Hague and Brussels. They are a network organization that enables businesses, knowledge institutes, regional authorities and civil society organizations to meet and combine their strengths to foster innovation – both in the Netherlands as well as in Europe.

Visit the SNN website for more information.

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