Swiss grants

All Swiss Grants and funding opportunities in Switzerland. Your guide to the most important research and development grants in Switzerland. At the moment there are various grants, such as Innosuisse Innovation, BRIDGE or the NTN Innovation Booster.

Innosuisse innovation

Subsidy: No maximum budget

Scope: Innosuisse helps leverage your innovation: they support science-based innovation projects carried out by companies – particularly SMEs – working with public-sector research partners. Innosuisse wants to support projects close to the market, no basic research.

Swiss grants like Innosuisse support projects from all areas of research-based innovation topics. The applications will be assigned to one of five primary funding areas: Energy & Environment, Engineering, Life Sciences, Social Sciences & Business Management, and ICT.

Read more about this call or visit the Innosuisse innovation website.


BRIDGE Proof Of Concept

Subsidy: 130,000 CHF

Scope: Support young researchers who aim to develop an application or service based on their own research findings. These projects may feature any type of innovation or research field.

Read more about this call or visit the BRIDGE website.


BRIDGE Discovery

Subsidy: 850,000 CHF for single applicant and max 2,550,000 CHF (consortium of 3 partners)

Scope: Aimed at experienced researchers for basic as well as applied research with a strong societal or economic impact, in order to realise the innovation potential of research findings.

Read more about this call or visit the BRIDGE website.


NTN innovation booster

Subsidy: max. CHF 500,000 annually

Scope: The NTN – Innovation Boosters bring together interested teams from universities, business and society at national level around a defined innovation theme and stimulate the emergence and testing of concrete innovation ideas.

Themes of economic relevance are to be addressed in an innovative manner: new scientific findings provide important momentum and may lead to the launch of process, product or service innovations in the foreseeable future. The novel applications can impact both industry and the services sector.

Read more about this call or visit the Innosuisse website.

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