Khondrion Case

Changing the world with a new drug

There is no cure for Mitochondrial diseases on the market yet. In order to get the drug on the market, there were many hurdles for Khondrion: from getting preliminary capital to buy the initial equipment to hiring of first personnel.

Catalyze lead them through the whole funding process for more than 7 years. Besides getting funding for multiple phases during the innovation process, Khondrion is starting Phase 2b clinical trials for their revolutionary drug.

What we do

Get funding, make impact. Successful projects in 3 steps.


What if funding wasn’t a barrier to innovation? We guide you through the way of finding and obtaining funds by:

  • Identifying the most suitable funding opportunities for your ideas and ambitions
  • Supporting in applications to grants, subsidies and loans.
  • Giving expert input to your funding applications, reviews & re-submissions
  • Building your network so you can participate in exciting opportunities.
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What if your journey was clear? Get the best support for your grant journey. We support by:

  • Creating a business case to understand your market, to plan your development and define your commercial strategy.
  • Setting up a business plan to present your company and value proposition in an attractive way.
  • Performing market research analysis to answer all the questions you have about your market in detail
  • Researching the commercial feasibility of your technology, product or service.
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What if you only had to focus on R&D? We provide the support you need to get your innovation on the market by:

  • Great project management by tracking deliverables and milestones and coordinate with the EU.
  • Handling of WBSO applications, to manage your Dutch tax R&D discounts effectively.
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We are Catalyze

Our mission

Innovative ideas deserve a chance to reach their potential

As experts in non-dilutive funding, we help entrepreneurs and academics succeed in a competitive arena. Let us worry about the funding, so you can focus on the science.

Our Values

Service-oriented, positive, transparant & supportive

At Catalyze we are optimistic and believe in the potential of every project. By proactively managing expectations we take care of the wishes of all our clients. We believe in creating an open culture to provide the best services to better our world.

Our purpose

We commit ourselves to make meaningful projects reality

From a variety of Life Sciences developments to Agri, Food, and Bioeconomy our top consultants work with the brightest clients to secure funding for international projects across Europe and the rest of the world.