Horizon Europe Excellent Science

Horizon Europe is open to everyone and has a broad range of focus areas, divided across 3 pillars: Excellent Science, Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, and Innovative Europe. Each pillar has a specific set of grants and tenders connected to it. This page provides a brief overview of the Horizon Europe Excellent Science pillar and all officially disclosed information.

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The 3 Horizon Europe Excellent Science calls

The aim of these calls is to improve and enable excellent scientific research in Europe. So far, no official budget estimates have been made available since the budget was changed in July 2020. However, we provide estimates based from the past Horizon 2020 budgets.

Components of this program include:

  • European Research Council (ERC). Funding frontier research designed and driven by the best researchers in Europe. Some tentative timelines for calls in 2021 have been published for ERC calls. The estimated new budget of the ERC programme is €12.9 billion, averaging about €1.8 billion per year.
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Funding fellowships and facilitating cross-border and cross-sector mobility of researchers. A preliminary deadline for MSCA-ITN has been published. The estimated new budget is around €6 billion, just under €1 billion per year.
  • Research Infrastructure. Funding new world-class research infrastructures. The estimated new budget for Horizon Europe is €2.4 billion.

Further information on these calls has not yet been disclosed. This page will be updated continually as new information is released. To receive live updates, sign up for Catalyze Alerts. Visit our Horizon Europe page for more recent information.

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Official EC information on European Partnerships in Horizon Europe


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