Innovatiekrediet (IK) funding information

Loan: €150,000 – €5,000,000 (Clinical development); 10,000,000 (Technical development)

Total budget: €60,000,000 (in 2021); €30,000,000 (Clinical development projects) and €30,000,000 (Technical development projects)

Funding rate: 25-45%. The funding rate depends on the entity applying. Large company: 25% Medium-sized company: 35% Small business: 45%

Deadlines: Open; first come, first serve from 1 January 2021

Project duration: max 5 years

Consortium: All Dutch companies, both SMEs and established companies (large or small), can benefit from the Innovation Credit.

Scope: The Innovation Credit is a risk bearing loan to fund high risk, technological innovation projects. Although funding is meant for a technological risky project, typically the IK is used for more later stage development projects.

Typical project funded with IK include: clinical trials, validation and testing. Costs that can be declared include: labor costs, materials, depreciation, outsourcing costs, travel expenses and costs for patent applications. Important aspects for success include: an excellent Business Plan showing market perspective, technical innovation and the availability of co-funding (for example by private investors).

At the end of the project the product should be on the market or otherwise bringing revenues to the company (licensing deal, new investor round, co-development).

Interest and repayment: If the project is successful, the credit and interest calculated on it must be repaid after completion of the project. The interest rate for new technical development projects is usually 7% and for new clinical development projects 10%.

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RvO – The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports entrepreneurs, NGOs, knowledge institutions and organisations. They are a government agency which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Its activities are commissioned by the various Dutch ministries and the European Union.

RVO aims to improve entrepreneurship and collaboration in the Netherlands and abroad. RVO provides a diverse portfolio of Research and Development grants, tax schemes and loans. RVO is also the National Contact Point for many European funding programmes.

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