Innovative Medicine Initiatives (IMI)

Innovative Medicine Initiatives is a program funding innovative research of consortia in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. The aim of IMI is to fund development of new innovative medicines, vaccines and treatments.

At the moment a call for proposals regarding 3 topics is open:

  • Optimising future obesity treatment
  • Open access chemogenomics library and chemical probes for the druggable genome
  • Intelligent prediction and identification of environmental risks posed by human medicinal products.

Multiple potential topics for future calls have been published: neurodegenerative diseases, immunology, infection control, big data, digital health, oncology, and ATMPs.

In general, IMI projects have 50% of the project budget available for the applicant consortium for funding. And 50% of the project budget is provided by the EFPIA consortium for their own work. The application consist of 2 stages, typically. For the first stage consortia can apply for the call for proposals. After this 1 proposal will be selected that will collaborate with the industrial consortium for the second stage proposal. These proposals will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether this proposal will be granted funding or not.

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