LIFE Programme 2021-2027

The LIFE programme supports the EU’s Green Deal’s objectives through policy driven action, KPIs and freedom to create tailor made projects.  With a sizeable budget increase as well as a new sub-programme funding Coordination Support Actions in Clean Energy, diversity and sustainability are key.

LIFE Programme 2021-2027 Budget

The funding increase of almost 60% provides a total budget of €5.4 billion. This budget will be split, with €3.5 billion going to Environment and €1.9 billion to Climate. In it’s totality, through the programme, 30% of the EU’s budget will therefore contribute to climate objectives and up to 10% to biodiversity.

LIFE Sub-programmes

The new and expanded LIFE programme is now divided into four sub-programmes:

  • Nature and biodiversity
    • Within this sub-programme new projects are expected to further protect species and their habitats. Expanding, protecting, preserving and nurturing nature for a sustainable and balanced future.
  • Circular economy and quality of life
    • The priority of this sub-programme is as straight forward as it is circular. Waste is a resource and needs great management to render already available critical raw materials more accessible. Specific topics under this umbrella also include air, water, soil, noise, chemicals and the new European Bauhaus.
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
    • With a distinction between mitigation and adaptation, the areas of intervention here include ozone-depletion, carbon sinks, nature-based solutions in the management of land, coasts and marine areas, adapting cities and regions to climate, preparedness for extreme weather events and more. How can we predict, prevent, mitigate and adapt.
  • Clean energy transition
    • This is a new addition to the LIFE programme and funds LIFE projects (specifically CSAs) dedicated to energy efficiency and renewables. It aims to ease the transition towards an energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy. And it aims to remove the market barriers that can hamper the socio-economic transition to sustainable energy.

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About the LIFE Programme

The LIFE programme is an ambitious funding programme from the European Union. It’s goal is to stimulate both environmental and climate action. Since 1992 over 5.500 projects received financing from the LIFE programme. The new-look LIFE programme has now been announced by the EU. On this page you can find all available information.

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