EU Match

Fit for Health

The euMatch 2.0 Partner Search and Matchmaking platform was one of the larger platforms for finding partners and project initiatives to participate in Horizon 2020 supported health-related projects. Unfortunately, The euMatch platform is no longer financially supported by the European Commission. Nevertheless, you can still use this highly valuable resource to find partners.

How does it work?

The Fit for Health platform works for health-related topics in calls of Horizon 2020 and related programs. Although the project is shut down, you can still use the matchmaking platform. In addition, you’re allowed access to useful supporting documents for your project preparation and exploitation such as webinars, tutorials and training videos.

The platform helps companies in 3 ways:

1. Creating your Expertise Profile. Present your companies or research institutes research field and expertise through filling the proposed profiling form. Your profile will be entered into the FFH 2.0 database.
2. Publishing project initiatives. Are you a coordinator of a research consortia preparing a project proposal for an open call in Horizon 2020 funded research in the Health sector and need to look for partners? Register and utilize this platform to get the reach you need.
3. Finding partners. Search the Fit for Health 2.0 database for expertise profiles of SMEs and research institutes interested in becoming involved in Horizon 2020 research projects.

Support documentation:

The platform offers useful documentation. From Reference Docs to Tutorials. Register, take a look and download the materials.

Visit the website of Fit for Health.

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