Our mission

Innovative ideas deserve a chance to reach their potential

As experts in non-dilutive funding, we help entrepreneurs and academics succeed in a competitive arena.

Plantics case

An innovative solution for sustainable living


Plantics wants to create an innovative solution to make sustainable living sustainable for us and the generations to come. They started off with a tight budget and want to attain additional funding.

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Catalyze searched the best grants for Plantics, with succes. They let them crank up the volume, securing continuity and realising their potential as a game changer on a global scale.

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What we do


What if funding wasn’t a barrier to innovation?

We guide you through the way of funding. Starting with identifying the most suitable funding opportunities for your ideas and ambitions. Followed by support in applications to grants, subsidies and loans. Throughout the funding application process, review and re-submission expert input will be included, such as consortium handling, research, visualizations or re-writing of specific sections. Eventually you build your network and participate in exciting opportunities.


What if your journey was clear?

We ensure you get the best support for your grant journey. Starting with creating a business case to understand your market, to plan your development and define your commercial strategy. Followed by setting up a business plan to present your company and value propostion in an attractive way. Getting a market research analysis to answer all the questions you have about your market in detail and learn about the commercial feasability of your technology, product or service.


What if you only had to focus on R&D?

We provide the support you need to get your innovation on the market by offering project management and WBSO. We track deliverables and milestones and coordinate with the EU. We also handle WBSO applications, to manage your Dutch taxt R&D discounts effectively.  Stay focussed on science while we take care of the rest.

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