Business Case

Should I start a spin-off company? Is the market ready for my product? Is there a business proposition to attract investors or to convince grant agencies?’ These are just a few of the questions that we have been helping companies answer.

The business case that Catalyze can build for you is an evaluation of your assets (technologies, products or services). The outcome document is based on an analysis and assessment of your profile and mission and vision, as well as asset description and unique selling propositions/points, exploitation strategies, and market landscape.

Build a strong value proposition

The business case serves as a value proposition for internal use, utilized for product development strategy and decision-making.

Included in the service:

  • Define a business aim and timeline
  • Market research analysis and advice on opportunities and restrictions
  • Define USPs and R&D strategy
  • Propose a commercial strategy and sales forecast
  • Evaluate the clinical trial landscape
  • Find suitable licensing partners

A customized journey

This service is highly tailored to your needs, and can also be combined with business strategy activities such as evaluating whether certain new lines of products or services are viable business opportunities.

Here's how it works.

Step 1

Data collection

In this phase we review the available information and perform research to complete the data needed.

Sometimes, there are specific questions you want to answer. We can do an extended research on these particular points.

Step 2

Analysis and compilation

Once all the necessary data is collected, we analyze it and compile it into a document.

Step 3


After you receive all the documents and data, we have a meeting where you can ask questions and get further clarifications.

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