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Great innovations will only reach people and drive positive change for society if the underpinning technologies are accessible. Therefore, commercialization is a key instrument for realizing the impact of innovations. We have helped hundreds of companies to get funded by providing our tailored Business Consulting services.

We deploy our extensive industry and business experience to help shape business strategies. We use analytics and our problem-solving mindset to help design and implement key steps in new and growing business cases, prioritize commercialization steps, and pave the path towards impact.

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business plan

Successful plans attract investors

Present your business and opportunity in an attractive way with a business plan. This is key to promote your product, service or technology to obtain investments. We helped hundreds of companies to get funded by building their business plan.

business case assessment

Get an expert opinion to build your case

Every business case represents an opportunity. With a Business Case Assessment, you gain an independent opinion on your business case, and receive recommendations to strengthen it.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Gain insights, make impact

As leading innovation consultants, we are in the unique position to provide your organization with valuable business and innovation intelligence.

Cases connecting the field to find a cure for LMNA cardiac disease

Catalyze completed a Market Research Report for, with insights into LMNA-related cardiac disease. is a new network for experts and patients focussed on LMNA cardiac diseases, with the aim of accelerating research and development to find effective treatments.

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