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Growing a successful start-up or spin-out demands important decisions. Our experienced business coaches work with you to set out the path forward for your start-up or spin-out. Together, we identify priorities to focus on, build a convincing story to pitch to stakeholders and investors, generate key market insights, and identify the risks to avoid. All tailored to your business case.

Key features of this service

Learn more about some of the key features of our Business Coaching service:

  • Comprehensive, independent assessment of the innovation and the results achieved thus far
  • Series of strategic sessions to define key elements of the business proposition: story-telling, target product profile, development plan, target market, business model, and financing options
  • Definition of start-up governance and key personnel to be hired
  • Independent analysis of market trends and size, competitors, and potential deals with large companies in the field
  • High-level definition of regulatory framework
  • Review of relevant documents to prepare an investor-ready package


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