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Writing a winning proposal can be challenging, especially when applying to competitive programs, such as Eureka Eurostars, Horizon Europe, or European Research Council. Catalyze offers funding application review services for innovative academics and entrepreneurs who want to ensure their application reaches its full potential. In addition, we offer resubmission services to help you improve your previous grant application and reapply with a better chance of winning.

Over the past 10 years, we have raised over €650M for our ambitious clients. And with more than 100 Catalyze experts, we have all the resources and expertise to help you achieve a winning funding application, regardless of which grant you apply for.

Read the key service features below.

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Key features of this service

Catalyze’s Reviews & Resubmissions service includes:

  • Writing advice to achieve convincing language that is directed at (non-)technical reviewing experts.
  • Better specification of the scientific/technological content and the business case
  • Implementing key reviewing elements that fit the requirements of the specific call/program to achieve a higher scoring.
  • If relevant, processing of evaluation results from previous submissions
  • Suggestions for the inclusion of additional information and/or explanatory figures

Through applying these improvements, we generate a new version of your grant application.


Read the 3 service steps below.

Here's how it works.

Step 1


First our consultants meet with you to understand your wishes and needs, and collect the available information. Together we define the aims and timelines.

Step 2


Once all the necessary data and documents are collected, our consultants will review your proposal. They will critically assess the application on all key elements, including content, writing language, figures, completeness, and call-specific requirements. In addition to the review procedure, our consultants can also assist you with the practical (re)submission steps.

Step 3

Deliver of review or resubmission

We deliver the reviewed application or (re)submitted application documents to you, depending on our agreement.

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