Funding applications for life science research

Research grants, subsidies and loans such as those provided by programmes like Horizon 2020, EIC Accelerator, Fast Track to Innovation, Eurostars, ERC, etc. are excellent means to finance innovative academic research projects or companies.

Whether you are an academic or entrepreneur there are clear advantages to non-dilutive funding. While companies can obtain critical cash to support their development and retain ownership of their company, academics benefit from a boost in their careers and the opportunity to launch their research lines while networking with KOLs in their fields. When you are awarded a major grant or subsidy, your research/technology/company gains extra validation in the eyes of your peers, competitors and investors, attracting further opportunities for R&D and investment.

There are hundreds of grants, subsidies and loans available, with the procedures obtaining them complex, time consuming and highly competitive. We understand this can be intimidating and discouraging – it was for us too when we started.

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Funding Plan Guide

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What if success was not complicated?

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve learned how to successfully secure competitive grants. By creating a team of specialists in the life sciences (health, medical technology, biotechnology and agro-food) equipped with the experience of hundreds of cases, we successfully translate your ideas into winning proposals. Our funding applications have raised more than €600 million in grants and subsidies for companies and academic institutions in over 20 countries.

Non-dilutive funding without the burden.

We plan, we create, and we manage. Our services are designed to make your life easier, and minimize the time you spend on the process.

With over 10 years of experience, we've decoded the science towards securing you funding

Step 1

Funding problem analysis and consortia building

After deciding on which call to apply for, we analyze how your ideas fit the call and solve the funding problem.

We also check if all of the expertise necessary for success is there. When additional expertise is needed, our consultants utilize our network of more than 2000 life science companies and research institutes to connect with you. We also mediate negotiations and arrange contracts between partners.

Not sure what call to apply for? Look into our strategic funding advice service

Step 2

Developing the proposal

Our experts take the lead in writing the proposal and arranging for all the requirements and formalities for the submission, including budget negotiations with partners. What you receive is a semi-finished proposal for fine-tuning.

Step 3

Project granted?

When the proposal is successful, we negotiate with the grant agencies on budgets and terms, and help you with the consortium and grant agreements.

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