Grants and other non-dilutive funding opportunities are out there. You have multiple R&D projects or activity lines, or other sources of finance relevant. You want more insight into the non-dilutive funding landscape for your projects, programs, or planned activities. And you want to obtain more insights into the opportunities specifically for you, including multiple sources of funding and financing as relevant to you.

At Catalyze, we have generated Funding Roadmaps for a wide range of companies, legal entities and academic groups.

Guidelines to insight and opportunity

We develop a funding strategy taking into account your multiple R&D projects or activity lines. We identify non-dilutive funding opportunities that are relevant to your needs and priorities, and strategically position them over 2-3 years ahead. We understand your projects or activities and their content, and use this to get a plan into place that really matches.

The Funding Roadmap gives comprehensive but in-depth insight into funding opportunities and helps you address financial needs ahead of time.

Updates of the Funding Roadmap allows for continuing strategic planning, keeping up to speed with ongoing development and opportunities.


Would you like to know more about Funding Roadmaps? Contact us or download our Funding Plan Guide.

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Step 1


We perform an in-depth interview to gather information on the company, research group, and R&D projects.  This information will serve as a basis for the Strategic Advice.

Step 2

Inventory session

The Strategic Funding team will use the information from step 1 to search for all potential matching funding opportunities in line with the scope of your R&D, your ambitions and stage of development.

Step 3

Strategy and advice

We provide a tailor-made strategy for your R&D projects with specific recommendations including the pro’s and cons of every grant. We include a visual representation of your strategy as well. When agreed upon, we update our recommendations periodically.

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