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The typical capital investment process includes a negotiation between the company and the possible investor. It can be challenging to determine a product or company value, especially when it comes to high-risk product development. For example, the development of drug therapies or medical technology products requires a large amount of funding and comes with a high development risk.


The translation of complex valuation-dependent factors, such as risk or time, requires the expertise of financial professionals that have broad experience in the life sciences field. The valuation experts at Catalyze provide both companies and investors independent company or product valuation reports.


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Independent Valuation

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Key features of this service

Catalyze’s Independent Valuation service includes:

  • An in-depth interview about your product and/or company
  • Product and/or company risk analysis
  • Writing of the business case with key assumptions for the value calculations
  • Valuation calculations according to one or more methodologies, including the risk-adjusted net present value method
  • Delivery of a full valuation report

With a client portfolio of 2000+ companies, Catalyze is the most experienced partner to value your company or product.


Read the three service steps below.

Here's how it works

Step 1


We perform an in-depth interview to gather information about the company, including team, product(s), R&D strategy, target markets, patents, collaborators and financial forecasts. Eventually this information will form the basis for the valuation calculations in the next phase.

Step 2


We will analyze the information gathered in the first phase and perform additional market, product, and company risk analyses to develop a clear business case. Together with the client we discuss key assumptions for the value calculation. All information is organized and used to calculate a valuation range for the company.

Step 3


By the end of the collaboration, we provide a tailor-made valuation report that includes all analysis components and the value calculation. This report can be used to strengthen your negotiation position for your next investment round.