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Innovation networks in the triple helix (academics, industry, government) may effectively drive positive change and real progress. Whether you aim to establish a programmatic innovation network with a clear end in mind, or you aspire to make your innovation network a leading center of excellence in the field of expertise, we always engage projects from the impact perspective and co-create the roadmap to get there.

Our Innovation Networks practice leverages your understanding of all the different stakeholders while taking an integrated perspective on how to build effective innovation networks.


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Creating networks and setting research agendas

Do you have the ambition to implement your vision for your sector or field? Are all the right stakeholders aligning? Are the path and its financial implications clear? We provide strategy and implementation support to leaders and agents of progress to help them create ecosystem-defining innovation programs.

Center of Excellence

Drafting excellence plans

Is your research group looking to get organized around an inspiring and ambitious theme together with other key expert groups in the field? Our Center of Excellence service assesses and implements your organization’s route to leadership by co-creating the blueprints of a collaborative structure that allows you to take the next step in performance, output, and impact.


MedTech - Building a collaborative knowledge transfer network

“Catalyze helped us is by working out of and thinking out of the box. Coming up with new ideas, asking the right questions, and together we were able to bring the proposal to the next level.” – Dr. Roy Kolkman, Manager of the Novel-T Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) at the University of Twente

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