Drafting Excellence plans

The current innovation agendas often require collaborative network formation with focused key expertise for the longer term. This ensures efficient utilization of available financial resources and to develop new, sustain, or expand existing innovation infrastructures. We help you establish this longer term collaboration and become that Center of Excellence.

Together with all relevant stakeholders we support you in creating a shared vision on how to collaborate internally and externally in the context of a certain scientific domain, leading to tangible and impactful Research & Development & Innovation (R&D&I) output on the short and longer term. Accompanied by a tailored communication strategy, we ensure your Center of Excellence is visible for the wider stakeholder community.

Key features of this service

Our Center of Excellence service includes:

  • Vision & Narrative: The creation of a common ambition and accompanying narrative, which is the backbone of a long-term sustainable collaboration ensuring future innovation excellence.
  • R&D&I agenda: The shared ambition established during the first phase is the basis for a mutual R&D&I agenda of the involved innovation network partners, to be set in this second phase of the service line. This agenda can be short-term (1-5 years) or more longer-term (5-10 years) and can be realized through R&D&I financial incentives, loans or investments.
  • Financing Strategy: This third phase creates insight in viable sustainability models considering financial incentives as well as potential services, supporting future financial stability and growth of the innovation network.
  • Collaborations: Innovation networks aspiring to become a centre of excellence can be established and seem rather closed collaborations. Yet, it is of utmost importance to connect with the wider stakeholder community to enrich the network and/or ensure alignment of the ambition, R&D&I agenda, and its implementation with ecosystem needs.
  • Communication: To ensure visibility and raise awareness of your innovation center of excellence a tailored communication & marketing strategy is important.

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