Creating networks and setting research agendas

We co-design, develop, and support triple helix consortiums, societal impact networks, and innovation ecosystems that exist to drive positive change in the domains of life science and sustainability. We create an approach with the impact goals at the center of it, building a collectively embraced, implementable plan.

Key features of this service

Our Innovation Program Development service includes:

  • Strategy development: Establishment of a clear ambition with feasible goals for your innovation program is the basis for success in your network and is typically our starting point. We formulate network ambition, map stakeholders, create an implementation roadmap. Often this process is connected to innovation (funding) programs but it can also be done in the context of societal, environmental, or economic challenges.
  • Design & Manage: Translating of the ambition and concept in a detailed innovation program with hands-on activities, tangible outputs and key outcomes represents the next milestone. Along the process, our consultants manage and align stakeholders as well as the process of the overall project.

We are committed to

Accelerating the success of meaningful innovations

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