Patient-centric healthcare

We help you place patient value at the center. Our Value Stories approach uses key principles from value-based healthcare, and helps implement them into your practice. We assess the best places to start adding value from a patient perspective and achieve quick wins.

  • Patient organizations and hospitals: We identify key barriers along the clinical care pathway and solving these through early diagnosis, improving the care network around the patient, and establishing collaborations between stakeholders in the relevant healthcare field.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies: We create a compelling value story that includes the impact of the therapeutic area on the economy, society, patient and healthcare system.

Key features of this service

Our Value Stories services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Patient mindset & strategy: assess the best places to start adding value from a patient perspective, to achieve (quick) wins. Through ideation sessions and interviews with stakeholders and end-users (i.e. patients), we identify key barriers and opportunity spaces for a value-driven mindset and strategy.
  • Creating & implementing your value story: Through co-creation with key stakeholders we define your value story: a flowing narrative of the health condition, its impact and the economic, clinical and patient value of the medical treatments that can be offered. To implement the strategy, we provide tailored training in value-driven healthcare, equipping your team with communication skills and a patient-value optimized engagement approach with stakeholders. 
  • Optimizing clinical pathways: Assess current pathway by grasping pain points, inefficiencies and potential improvements. Develop the ideal pathway and test hypotheses by drafting initial blueprints for (data) analysis. Together with selected stakeholders finalize the optimized pathway to improve patient access, quality and efficiencies.

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