The Life sciences industry is diverse and complex, ranging from diagnostics and therapeutics to eHealth, from (bio)materials and ATMPs to medical technology. So is agri, food and bioeconomy, ranging from active ingredients and sustainable farming to assisted crop monitoring technology.

To successfully navigate it all, you need a clear understanding of your market. Our market research analysis service helps you in making key strategic decisions, and can serve a vital role in your business intelligence, planning, and securing of finance.

We helped hundreds of companies understand their market better and make the best decisions for their business.

A market research analysis can be performed as stand-alone service to answer specific questions, but also linked to a feasibility study, or Business Plan to reinforce your value proposition.

These are some of the things you can learn through our market research analysis:

  • Market overviews, trends, key players
  • Market segmentation, targeted customers and your value proposition
  • User need & user cases (using tailored interviews)
  • Competitor analysis and your USPs
  • Barriers to market (entry)
  • Product pricing and willingness to pay
  • Approach to market & distribution channels

Our independent market research helps you to get in-depth insight into your customers and market dynamics. Get insight, make impact.


Case: Market Research for GreenMark Biomedical

GreenMark Biomedical Inc. is a US-based company preparing to enter the EU with its avant-garde preventative dental products involving the early detection and treatment of caries.

Catalyze performed Market Research, Subsidy/Grant Accessibility and Business Strategy assignments for GreenMark, to provide insights into the European market and relevant context for market entry of GreenMark’s products focusing first on the Netherlands.


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Our process

Step 1

Data collection

In this phase we review the available information, and perform research to complete the data needed. In some cases, we also interview potential customers for your product or service.

Step 2

Analysis and compilation

Once all the necessary data is collected, we analyse it and compile it into a document, including visual illustrations.

Step 3


You receive all the documents and data, and after review we adapt the changes. We also plan a meeting where you can ask questions and get clarifications.

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