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Over the last years, Catalyze has become a dedicated and proven partner for academia and industry, providing insight and independent analyses. We assist research institutions and companies in assessing their portfolio, overviewing and prioritizing their pipeline, and providing analytics to assist decision making.

Both companies and organizations handle multiple lines at any given point in time. Gaining an overview of this is useful to keep track of what’s going on – and analyzing what matters to you, helps to identify what you want to focus on. Through our Pipeline and Projects Analysis, we provide an independent, program-wide overview and analysis. This can be performed as a stand-alone service, or in combination with funding advice for the individual projects in the assignment.

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Key features of this service

Catalyze’s Pipeline & Project Analysis service includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of programs and projects
  • An assessment on key indicators of interest to you
  • Possibility to combine with other services e.g. Funding Advice on selected projects

We agree with you on the portfolio of projects or programs to include. We interview members of your organization, and deliver overviews. Where relevant, we can design key indicators (KIs) according to your interest or needs, and we assess these for the projects or programs at hand. We interact with you and deliver a comprehensive report, aiming for you to get the insight you are looking for.


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Here's how it works

Step 1


First our specialized consultants meet with you to understand your context, wishes and needs. Together, we scope the assignment and any parameters to focus on.

Step 2

Analysis & Compilation

Following the scoping, we collect the relevant information. We set up interviews with relevant members of your organization, and compile the overview you are looking for. We can independently analyze key indicators you are interested in. We communicate with you to update on the process.

Step 3


We deliver a report containing the overview on programs and projects, and as relevant, the key indicators analyzed. We have an outcome meeting to address the outcome of our assignment in more detail.

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