Our Project Management Model

The Project Management services at Catalyze are designed around three main principles: we monitor, we manage, and we provide expertise. Our bespoke services support partnerships and consortia where they need it most, depending on time, experience and available resources.

Key to our project management service is to support partners in achieving the main outcomes of each project by understanding grant compliance, what is required when, and more importantly, understanding the risks associated with delayed work and miscommunication. We know what is required to mitigate the risks and resolve issues that do arise. Our team has helped dozens of SMEs and (academic) research institutions to deliver their project within the requirements of the awarded grants.

We provide project management for a wide variety of projects, including projects that are funded by both national and international grants including EU Horizon 2020, Fast Track to Innovation, SME instruments, as well as Eurostars, EFRO and MIT to name a few.

We monitor your project

We facilitate monthly meetings to discuss progress, any issues that may arise, and ongoing tasks through regular communication with consortium partners. We ensure the timely completion of high quality tasks and milestones, and in doing so we ensure that all partners meet their contractual obligations to receive their awarded funding.

The key to keeping oversight over a number of projects successfully is a proper administration. In close consultation with the client we design a tailor made system that allows keeping track of budget, hours, deliverables, reporting, etc. As such, we enable successful keeping track of multiple projects in parallel.

We manage your project

The key to a successful project with a large number is partners is a well-functioning consortium. To do so, all partners need to understand the importance of the funding requirements:

  • The aims of the proposal
  • Submitting reports, deliverables, and finances on time
  • Understanding the implications and risks associated with the project

This is achieved via open, transparent communication between partners. Within many consortia, partners come from different research backgrounds and physical locations, and importantly often have varying commercial interests. The industry and academic interests tend to conflict, with commercialization and protection of intellectual property often contradicting the academic desire to publish findings in scientific journals and publications. Therefore, solid contracts, and the awareness and communication of these interests is crucial.

We provide expertise

With over tens years of experience of running EU-based, regional and Dutch funded projects, we are experts in a variety of international grants and their particular compliances and regulations. Within this, we are also able to provide legal and financial guidance, as well as providing on-demand access to your assigned Project Manager.

We facilitate grant and portfolio management

Managing even one project costs time and energy. Running multiple projects in parallel leads to exponential increases in complexity, as variable funding requirements, timelines, and working with additional partners all need to be considered. We successfully support lead partners through a single point of contact here at Catalyze, who will manage and keep track of all of your projects, minimizing potential risks.

This personalized touch allows identification of risks in budget and personnel limitations, while making sure that the requirements of the grants are met.


Here's how we help you navigate the grant-fulfillment landscape from start to finish

Step 1

Project start

When your project starts, we support you in and consortium and grant agreements.

We sit together to make a project plan to prepare for grant requirements: Budget, Time sheets, Reporting and arrangements for a successful kick-off.

Step 2

During the project

During the project we take care of all administration while you remain focused on the science.

Our activities during the project include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication within the consortium
  • Dialogue with the EU
  • Meeting planning
  • Interim (financial) reporting
  • Deliverable and Milestone Tracking/Submission
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Advice on financial adminstration
  • Dissemination, Communication, Education
  • Change management
Step 3

Final steps

We support a successful conclusion of your project, including final reporting and exploitation activities.

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