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From your project’s earliest stages to its completion, the Core Service provides instrumental support and guidance, through the provision of our project management structure and clear communicative links with the funding agency from project onset.

Our experiences in ongoing projects have taught us well: any number of issues can arise, often subject to changes outside of your control, bringing new risks and stretching your capacity to effectively address them. We facilitate efficiency by orchestrating timely progression of multi-partner projects free of compliance issues.

You receive expert strategic support every step of the way: we possess extensive knowledge of grant compliance. Our scientific knowledge and management experience ensure that we identify risks ahead of time and provide clear strategies to mitigate them. We are able to act fast due to our extensive knowledge base of EU and national subsidy regulations and compliance requirements. 

Choose the service that suits your needs

Core Service

Do you require full project management support?

From the kick-off meeting until project completion, the Core Service offers comprehensive facilitation of your project, including consortium management, progress tracking and monitoring, technical report drafting and submission.

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Finance and Grant Compliance Service

Would you benefit from a short-term intervention service?

This service provides you with support through financial guidance, and grant compliance during ongoing projects.

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Dissemination & Engagement Service

Do you need help with project dissemination and public engagement?

The dissemination and engagement service will identify and organize activities to maximize the impact of the project and promote the commercial and exploitation of project results.

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…for an impactful partnership

The Core Service utilises our refined project management structures, promoting compliance throughout your project. In close consultation we design a comprehensive tailor made system which monitors, manages and provides expertise.

Project monitoring: We adapt our bespoke monitoring system in order to establish and maintain crucial oversight of your budget, hours, deliverables, reporting, etc.

We facilitate monthly meetings to discuss progress, issues, and ongoing tasks; provide templates, drafts, and upload deliverables for technical reporting to national and EU funding agencies; ensure timely completion of high quality tasks and milestones by all partners so that their contractual obligations are met to procure funding.

Project management: The key to a successful project is a well-functioning consortium. We cultivate clarity between partners, ensuring collective understanding of important funding requirements, such as aims, timely submissions, and associated implications and risks. Our experiences show us that the diversity in research background and physical location can lead to conflicting interests with many consortia. Therefore, solid contracts, and the awareness and communication of these interests is crucial.

Our management promotes open, transparent communication; mitigates risk through early identification and resolution of potential issues; assists with change requests, such as no-cost project extensions.

Providing expertise: With over ten years of experience managing EU-based, regional and Dutch-funded projects, we are experts in a variety of international and national grants and their particular compliances and regulations. Within this, we are also able to provide grant and financial guidance, as well as providing on-demand access to your assigned Project Manager.


Case: Project Management for Liquidseal (Eurostars)

Liquidseal Catalyze

Liquidseal is a chem-free packaging which achieves shelf life extension of perishable products such as cut flowers and fruits. The specific characteristics of Liquidseal enable reduction of product wastage by up to 30-40% and reduce the need of pesticides and plastics. Catalyze is providing ongoing project management support for Liquidseal’s ongoing Eurostars project.

“I think it’s important to have a partner that helps you run your project. On a daily basis, everybody gets new information and new input from all over the world. So it’s good to have Catalyze’s project management support to help keep the project focussed and on track. When time passes and you need to look back and ask ‘Okay, what have we done?’ it makes it easier to have our project manager controlling the process.” – Victor Monster, Managing Director Liquidseal

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