Increasing meaningful engagement

We have developed a science communication support package – with specific activities that focus on engaging, informing and educating your stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare professionals, pharma, or the general public.

Our service goes beyond typical marketing strategies by combining science communication and effective stakeholder engagement. Co-creation with your key target audience forms the core of our communication strategy.

Read our activites and approach below.

Our activities include:

Communication & Engagement Strategy

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Goal and priority setting
  • Bespoke communication and engagement plan tailored to your stakeholders
Branding and website building

  • Branding package
  • Logo design
  • Website building (tailored to your target audiences)
Content creation & communication

  • Press releases
  • Project & progress summary
  • Newsletters
  • Conference trackers
  • Meet the researchers
  • Social media: Content creation and maintenance
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Our approach


We utilize a broad range of communication platforms to distribute stakeholder co-created materials, tailored to specific audiences and the broader public to maximize your societal and scientific impact and visibility. Ensuring that your stakeholders, patients and end-users understand your ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ increases the impact of your work and contributes to the larger science-society interaction.


We include relevant stakeholders, such as patients, early in your research and development processes (see mapping the patient journey). This takes your project’s communication strategy beyond a simple knowledge deficit approach, which is limited to a one-way flow of information.

Research has shown that a dialogue-based approach builds more societal trust in scientific research. Our engagement activities enhance trust and awareness of your topics, which will boost acceptance of your results by relevant communities.


Choose the service that suits your needs

Science Communication

Are you a (patient) organization looking for better science communication strategy?

Our Science Communication Support package can help you ramp up engagement and generate improved communication channels with your stakeholders.

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EU Research Dissemination

Do you need help with project dissemination and public engagement?

The EU Research Dissemination service will identify and organize activities to maximize the impact of the project and promote commercial uptake and exploitation of project results.

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Mapping the patient journey

Are you interested in better understanding your patient needs?

Mapping the journey of your patient stakeholders forms the basis of a vastly improved communication strategy surrounding your scientific activities.

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