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We are a team of science communication experts with experience in EU project dissemination as well as working with patient organizations, identifying patient journeys and ensuring meaningful engagement.

We have developed a range of science communication and EU project dissemination services – with specific activities that focus on engaging, informing and educating your stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare professionals, pharma, or the general public.

Are you interested in making impact together? Learn more about our Science Communication, EU Research Dissemination, and Patient Journey Mapping services below. If you have questions, or would like to talk to a member of our Project Management team, call us on +31 (0)6 11 05 43 19.

Choose the service that suits your needs

Science Communication

Are you a (patient) organization looking for better science communication strategy?

Our Science Communication service can help you ramp up engagement and generate improved communication channels with your stakeholders.

EU Research Dissemination

Do you need help with project dissemination and public engagement?

The EU Research Dissemination service will identify and organize activities to maximize the impact of the project and promote commercial uptake and exploitation of project results.

Patient Journey

Are you interested in better understanding your patients' needs?

Mapping the journey of your patient stakeholders forms the basis of a vastly improved communication strategy surrounding your scientific activities.

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