What can we do for you?

Catalyze is here to work with you on preparing and optimizing investor-ready material, to identify and connect you to the right investors and to support you in the term sheet negotiation and due diligence process.


Catalyze provides support (in close collaboration with other advisers i.e. lawyers, finance) in:

  • Preparing relevant documents into an investor-ready package
  • Identifying and reaching out to potential investors and setting-up meetings.
  • Pitch preparation before investor meetings.
  • Coordinate and assist in negotiations during the term sheet and due diligence process.
  • Evaluating company valuation.
  • Preparing the documents needed for due diligence process (eg. in a data room).
  • Reviewing and commenting on investment transaction documentation.
  • General process and coordination of the work of other advisors, as appropriate.


Our expertise, network and reputation will smoothen your investor journey. Get capital, make impact.


A must-have if you’re interested in getting your business to the next level