Finding the right investors for your company

Whether your company has just been incorporated, is in the seed stage, or is working towards a Series A or B, there are investors out there willing to invest in your company. It is all about finding the right investors and getting them on board.

At Catalyze, we help you to become investor-ready, then we connect you to investors that match your needs, preferences and goals. Through our network of seed investors, business angels, family offices and venture capital firms, we support early, mid and late-stage companies across the Life Sciences spectrum.

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The fundraising campaign in 3 steps


Key features of this service


Catalyze’s Seed & Venture Capital Support includes:

  • Preparing relevant documents into an investor-ready package
  • Identifying and reaching out to potential investors and setting-up meetings.
  • Pitch preparation before investor meetings.
  • Preparing the documents needed for due diligence process (eg. in a data room).
  • Coordinate and assist in term sheet negotiations.
  • Reviewing company valuation.
  • Reviewing and commenting on investment transaction documentation.
  • General process and coordination of the work of other advisors, as appropriate.


Through all of the above, we support you in every step of your fundraising journey. As relevant, we can also tailor our service to your specific requests. Get capital, make impact.


Read the three service phases below.

Here's how it works

Phase 1

Becoming investment ready

Our investment specialists will assess your investment-readiness during a mini due diligence, similar to how an investor would assess your company. We will use this assessment to work together with you to create the optimal investment proposition for your company.

Phase 2

Identifying potential investors worldwide

We will identify potential investors worldwide that best match your company’s needs, preferences, structure, innovation/technology, value, financial planning and ambition. We will reach out to potential investors, set-up meetings and optimally prepare you.

Phase 3

Negotiations with potential investors

We will coordinate and assist you in the due diligence and negotiation processes with potential investors. We will set-up the data room for the due diligence process, provide our views on the terms and conditions of the investment, comment on documentation and coordinate the general process accordingly.