What if funding wasn’t a barrier to innovation?

There are hundreds of funding opportunities available to academics and entrepreneurs in the areas of Life Sciences, Health, Biotechnology, and Green & Sustainable Innovations. With so many options, there is a lot to take into consideration when searching for the right subsidies: budget, consortium partners, application processes, activities, and specific conditions.


How do you navigate through the many databases, funding opportunities and grant providers when searching for the right fit?


Catalyze provides strategic funding advice to our clients to assist them in defining a tailor-made strategy for their R&D projects. While working on these recommendations we consider all aspects that may influence the match between R&D projects and grants. For example: consortium eligibility, scope, budget requirements, co-financing and timelines involved with writing applications and waiting for evaluation results.

Funding Plan Guide

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Funding Scan

A summarized overview of funding opportunities for one specific R&D project with a short profile of the researcher or company. This includes a strategy with upcoming funding opportunities for the next year.

Funding Advice

A detailed description of your company, research group, R&D projects and an overview of the timelines involved in future development. This includes a funding strategy for each project for the next 2 years.

Funding Plan

A long-term funding strategy taking into consideration multiple R&D pillars. This detailed strategy focuses on multiple sources of funding and addresses financial weaknesses in continuing strategic planning.

With over 10 years of experience, we've decoded the science towards securing you funding

Step 1


We perform an in-depth interview to gather information on the company, research group, and R&D projects.  This information will serve as a basis for the Strategic Advice.

Step 2

Inventory session

The Strategic Funding team will use the information from step 1 to search for all potential matching funding opportunities in line with the scope of your R&D, your ambitions and stage of development.

Step 3

Strategy and advice

We provide a tailor-made strategy for your R&D projects with specific recommendations including the pro’s and cons of every grant. We include a visual representation of your strategy as well. When agreed upon, we update our recommendations periodically.

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