Find your way through the jungle of funding

Looking for the right match between your ideas or innovation projects and funding opportunities is a challenge. Throughout the years, many companies and institutions have asked us to support them in finding the right funding.

We help you to navigate through the many funding opportunities, investment partners, and grant providers when searching for the right fit for your project. Over the years we have built an extensive funding database giving us comprehensive insight into the funding landscape. We use this knowledge to provide tailored insight into the best available funding and financing options for your Innovation Journey.

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Maximize your chances of getting funding

The Funding Roadmap gives in-depth insight into grants and other non-dilutive funding opportunities to help you address financial needs ahead of time. We can help you with continual strategic planning, ensuring you keep up to speed with ongoing development and opportunities.

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Finance your innovation, make impact

We advise our clients when they need to (re)structure the financial approach that supports their organization’s ambition. To determine and verify your financing strategy, we make a critical case assessment and take a deep dive into selected financing options.

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