The WBSO (Wet Bevordering Speur- en Ontwikkelingswerk) is a Dutch incentive for innovation, which allows you to significantly reduce your income tax. Are you performing innovative R&D projects? In that case, your benefit might be thousands of euros per year!

WBSO: a significant reduction on your income tax

The WBSO is a reduction on your income tax. On an annual basis, this amount is reduced significantly by thousands of euros! The height of your benefit depends on the time spent on R&D by your personnel and the costs involved. The income tax reduction is calculated based on the following formula:

  • 32% over the first 350.000 euro on R&D (salary) expenditure*;
  • 16% over the superior.

* Start-up companies (<5 years) get a 40% tariff over the first 350.000 euro


All innovative R&D projects are eligible

No matter the size of the company, every company performing innovative R&D projects is eligible for the WBSO tax cut. However, there are some regulations to take into account. Are you curious whether you are WBSO-eligible? Please give our consultants a ring! We can determine whether you are eligible in 5 minutes.


Leave your WBSO burden at Catalyze

Applying for the WBSO is time-consuming and complex. The consultants are eager to take over this burden for you, so that you can focus on the important things: performing R&D.

We have years of experience with writing and applying for the WBSO grant. We are able to swiftly understand complex innovative topics, regardless of your area of expertise; whether you are operating in Life Science & Health and Food & Agriculture, or in Engineering, ICT or in construction: we happily take care of your application.

Learn more about how we make impact with the WBSO for AMT Medical (In Dutch)

Contact us!

You can approach us directly via the contact information on our main page or by emailing Our consultants are available for all your WBSO-related questions and are able to give more insight in the WBSO regulations. They can also provide you with a tempting WBSO offer, to take over your WBSO burden completely!


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Here's how we help you navigate the grant-fullfilment landscape from start to finish

Step 1

Funding problem analysis and consortia building

After deciding on which call to apply for, we analyze how your ideas fit the call and solve the funding problem.

We also check if all of the expertise necessary for success is there. When additional expertise is needed, our consultants utilize our network of more than 2000 life science companies and research institutes to connect with you. We also mediate negotiations and arrange contracts between partners.

Not sure what call to apply for? Look into our strategic funding advice service

Step 2

Developing the proposal

Our experts take the lead in writing the proposal and arranging for all the requirements and formalities for the submission, including budget negotiations with partners. What you receive is a semi-finished proposal for fine-tuning.

Step 3

Project Granted?

When the proposal is successful, we negotiate with the grant agencies on budgets and terms, and help you with the consortium and grant agreements.

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