Tips and Tricks for preparing for the SME instrument phase 2 Pitch

You have successfully submitted the first stage of the SME instrument phase 2 subsidy, and received an invite for a face-to-face interview to Pitch your proposal for the evaluation panel in Brussels, Belgium. The Pitch will take place already next week, how will you prepare for this interview and to what should you pay attention?

About the SME instrument phase 2 Pitch

If you are invited to Pitch your SME instrument phase 2 project, you have approximately 48 hours to submit a slide deck of 10 slides according to the provided template. 3 company representatives are invited to Pitch the project proposal at the European Commission in Brussels. You will have only 10 minutes for your Pitch followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers. Based on this interview a new ranking list is determined by the panel and after approximately 4 weeks you might receive an invitation to prepare the grant agreement.

Tips and tricks for the interview

Selection of the 3 company representatives

You are allowed to send a maximum of 3 company representatives, this only includes staff legally employed by your company. Third party representatives (i.e. external advisors or sub-contractors) are not allowed to join. The EC recommends to send the CEO and other senior staff to the interview, but who to select? The interview includes questions on the three main subjects of the proposal: Implementation (the team), Impact (Commercial strategy) and Excellence (The feasibility of the idea). It would be wise to select one expert for each of these subjects.

The Pitch

The Pitch that you will give for the evaluation panel is only 10 minutes and will be timed. In your Pitch preparation ensure that you stay within these 10 minutes. The last slide of your slide deck will stay on the screen during the questions, so make sure that this includes a clear summary slide of the project.

The Jury

There are different jury panels, to ensure that the evaluators match with the subject of the proposal. Amongst these panels are Biotech & Bioeconomy (non-health), HealthTec, Biotech & Bioeconomy (health) and Earth & Environment. But how do you ensure that you end up with the right jury panel? The jury panel that you are appointed to is based on the keywords that you selected during the submission of your project proposal. Here you are allowed to select 3 main keywords and 3 sub-keywords from a pre-defined list. Importantly, the first set of keywords will have the heaviest weight in matching the expert-evaluators.

Preparation session

We offer a pitch preparation session to our clients who were invited to the SME Instrument Phase 2 pitch. Would you also like help preparing for your pitch? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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