Theodoor Rutgers

Founder and Director

Theodoor, one of our co-founders, has raised €100 million in subsidies and grants and has been involved in the start-up of several early stage (life science) companies.

Jalal Es-Sbai

Founder and Director

Jalal, one of our co-founders has raised€100 million in subsidies and grants and specializes in business development and financing strategies for innovative companies.

Quirein te Roller

Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, Quirein is responsible for the global Sales and Business Development operations. He leads the Marketing & Communication and the Strategic Funding Unit.

Kirsten van Benthem

Commercial Manager

Kirsten van Benthem is the Commercial Manager at Catalyze. She uses her experience and expertise in Pharma and FMCG in order to manage various types of departments.

Elmieke Boot, PhD

Consultancy Manager

Elmieke is manager consultancy for the Amsterdam office, leading an operational team of 70 consultants with the aim to provide optimal and high quality support for our clients in the most effective manner.

Neeltje Ramnath-Willems

Manager Agri, Food and Bio-Economy

Neeltje has a passion for helping people and companies bring their innovative and disruptive ideas, research, products and solutions closer to the market and to patients.

Marlene Végh, PhD

Consultancy Director

Marlene Végh is responsible for Catalyze’s Utrecht and Switzerland offices. In her role, Marlene is responsible for determining and carrying out strategic plans, together with the Management Team.

Peter Schoevers

Founder & Chairman

Co-founder Peter worked for Solvay Pharmaceuticals for 10 years in international management positions in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium and Japan.


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