Theodoor Rutgers

Theodoor Rutgers

Founder and Director

Theodoor, one of our co-founders, has raised €100 million in subsidies and grants and has been involved in the start-up of several early stage (life science) companies.

Jalal Catalyze

Jalal Es-Sbai

Founder and Director

Jalal, one of our co-founders has raised €100 million in subsidies and grants and specializes in business development and financing strategies for innovative companies.

Marlene Vegh

Marlene Végh, PhD

Consultancy Director

As Consultancy Director, Marlene is responsible for the whole consultancy organization, to drive and execute business operations strategies, plans and procedures and to set strategic goals that promote operational efficiency and company growth.

Peter schoevers catalyze

Peter Schoevers

Founder & Chairman

Peter is founder and chairman of the Catalyze Group. After an international career in big pharma he founded a number of companies as entrepreneur. Peter is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Catalyze.

Kirsten van Bentem

Kirsten van Benthem

Commercial & Marketing Manager

Kirsten van Benthem is the Commercial & Marketing Manager at Catalyze. She uses her experience and expertise in Pharma and FMCG in order to manage various types of departments.

Josta Catalyze

Josta Kevenaar, PhD

Consultancy Manager - Life Sciences

Josta is responsible for the consultancy operations and strategy within the Life Sciences & Health Department. In her role, she develops and carries out strategic plans with the aim to provide optimal and high-quality services.

Sara Schaafsma, PhD

Consultancy Manager - Green & Sustainable Innovations

Sara is responsible for the Green & Sustainable Innovations department. She develops and implements the strategic plans with the aim to provide effective and high-quality services, optimize team performance and satisfaction, and accelerate growth.

Boaz Catalyze

Boaz van Driel, PhD

Consultancy Manager - Strategy Practice

As Strategic Consultancy Manager, Boaz is responsible for the development and growth of the Strategy Practice and its consultants. In this role, Boaz oversees the department’s assignments and their contribution to the success of our clients.

Olav Veldhuizen

Manager - Project Management

Olav manages an experienced team of project managers and is responsible for making sure that Catalyze clients maximize their funding post-award, ensuring successful project delivery as well as disseminating project findings to a wide range of stakeholders.

Wouter Nuytinck

Head of Business Development - Life Sciences

As Head of Business Development Life Sciences, Wouter works with his team of Business Developers to support our Life Sciences clients with their strategic needs.

Neeltje AFB

Neeltje Ramnath-Willems

Head of Catalyze Green & Sustainable Innovations

As Head of Catalyze Green & Sustainable Innovations (GSI), Neeltje is responsible for building the overall global strategy, expanding our international network and leading the commercial GSI team.


Myriam Keijzer

Human Resources Manager

Myriam is Manager HR at Catalyze and leads the HR and Recruitment team. She drives development and execution of the People & Culture strategy to achieve company growth, commercial and operational success with highly engaged and motivated employees.

Peter vdB

Peter van den Berghe, PhD

Managing Consultant - Life Sciences

As a Managing Consultant, Peter leads a team of consultants with whom he joins our clients on their journey from ideas to real solutions with an impact on patients, healthcare and society.

Helen Pothuizen, PhD

Managing Consultant - Life Sciences

As Managing Consultant, Helen manages a team of consultants and takes lead in preparing complex funding applications. Apart from having a strong focus on providing a high quality service for our clients, she also enjoys empowering her team.

Erik van Tilborg, PhD

Managing Consultant - Life Sciences

As Managing Consultant, Erik empowers a team of consultants to deliver the best possible quality services, and to achieve personal growth. With a critical eye he improves the research and business propositions of clients.

Rosalie Witjas-Paalberends, PhD

Managing Consultant - Public Private Partners

In her role as Managing Consultant, Rosalie can thrive in her passion to translate life sciences to business and society through effective management of a team of 5-7 consultants to develop high impact grant proposals together.

Aniek Doensen

Team Lead - Strategic Funding Unit

Aniek Doensen is manager of Strategic Funding. The aim of her team is to create an overview of all available funding and finance opportunities and to advise our clients on the best matches to their needs.

Ester Weijers, PhD

Team Lead Project Management

As Team Lead Project Management, Ester and her team are responsible for successful management of a diverse portfolio of projects, including large Horizon projects. Apart from sharing her expertise in grant compliance, she enjoys empowering the professionals in her team.

Carla van Alem

Managing Consultant

Carla leads a team of consultants in the Green & Sustainable Innovations department. She facilitates team growth and development, and together they support innovative companies and academics to reach maximum impact in their fields.

Elina Demertzi

Team Lead Legal Affairs

As Team Lead of Legal Affairs, Elina utilizes her broad legal and corporate experience to support the business in various projects and partnerships.


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