Executive Team

Marlene Végh, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Theodoor Rutgers
Chief Strategy Officer & Founder
Jalal Es-Sbai
Chief Commercial Officer & Founder
Tim Vink
Chief Financial Officer
Myriam Keijzer
Chief People Officer
Peter Schoevers
Chairman & Founder

Leadership team

Josta Kevenaar, PhD
Consulting Director
Neeltje Ramnath-Willems
Business Unit Director Green & Sustainable Innovations
Peter van den Berghe, PhD
Manager Strategic Consulting
Olav Veldhuizen
Manager Project Management & Science Communication
Wouter Nuytinck
Manager Business Development Life Sciences
Kirsten van Benthem
Manager Marketing & Commercial Support
Patricia Celie, PhD
Principal Consultant
Reinoud Brenkman
Managing Consultant Life Sciences
Evelyne Klaassen
Managing Consultant Life Sciences
Maarten Hillen, PhD
Managing Consultant Life Sciences
Soheila Jalali
Managing Consultant Life Sciences & Health
Tatjana Josefs, PhD
Managing Consultant Life Sciences
Werner Fischer
Managing Consultant Green & Sustainable Innovations
Donna van Dommelen
Managing Consultant Project Management
Carolina Vieira
Managing Consultant Science Communication
Helen Pothuizen, PhD
Managing Consultant Innovation Intelligence

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