ZonMw and Zorginstituut Nederland release “Veelbelovende Zorg” subsidy for research and care of medical innovations to be allowed in the standard care package

Last week Catalyze attended the information day for the new call “Veelbelovende Zorg”, tender released by a collaboration of ZonMW and ZIN. This tender is the next program following on the “Voorwaardelijk Toelating”. The aim of the tender is to assist in the uptake of medical technologies and medication in the reimbursement model for standard care in the Netherlands. The focus is on medical technology, medical devices, ATMPs and off-label medication.

Projects in this call

A typical project will investigate the efficiency of a new technology with the aim of being added to the standard care package of the reimbursement model in the Netherlands. The bottleneck in your project must be the costs for providing care to patients before it is accepted as standard care in the reimbursement model. An average project will obtain €4.5 million and can take maximum 6 years. After the project ends an application can be submitted to be added to the standard care reimbursement model at Zorginstituut Nederland. Before the start of the project the safety and effectiveness have to be proved and (if applicable) CE marking has to be obtained. Minimal 80% of the costs of the project must be the reimbursement of the use of the technology for the patient. Maximal 20% of the budget is eligible for additional research related costs.
Applications to this subsidy
The application must be submitted by the care provider and follows a 2 stage submission. First you submit a project idea before the deadline of 14 May 2019. Halfway August an advice will be given whether a full proposal should be submitted. The deadline for submission of full proposal is 22 October. Reviewers will provide their feedback and questions to applicants half November, providing applicants to reply to this until early December. The final decision about winning proposals will be communicated 22 March latest. Resubmission is allowed, so in case of rejection, you can resubmit for the next deadline.

The yearly budget is €69 million and will be divided over two rounds per year. The first round has a total budget of €40 million.


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